Piano Tuner

What you see is exactly what it is! 

It's mouse poop!

ToneDeaf Technical Services

  • Mechanical services for grand and uprights.
  • Broken or sticky keys? 
  • Missing or broken key covers?
  • Notes don't work?
  • Pedals that don't pedal?
  • Missing or broken strings?
  • Do you hear strange sounds? You don't need medication or an exorcist! Your piano may be experiencing acoustic and mechanical conflicts!
  • Do some notes sound brilliant while others sound muted. Would you like to correct these inconsistencies?
  • Is it time to clean the dust from your grand soundboard?
  • Has your piano become a food warehouse and Porta Potty for mice? Mice love your food and doggie food. They love to use piano cloth to make cozy nests! You can be playing and they'll be napping right under the keys. Cleaning maybe?   

ToneDeaf Piano Service In Your Home

  • Piano tuning for the gourmet and the gourmand.
  • Piano tuning for every need - every budget. ToneDeaf Piano Service will not 'over-sell' if the only creature in the house using the thing is a six year old! 
  • Piano tuning to accommodate the structural condition of your piano. Not all pianos are capable of sustaining 440 standard pitch.

ToneDeaf Piano Concert Services

  • I have extensive experience in the preparation of acoustical piano keyboards of all sizes and makes including Fender Rhodes.
  • I have experience in venues of all kinds including concert halls, coliseums, outdoor series and events, recording studios, churches and schools. 
  • I'm going to make a departure from my competitors. Listing concert artists name-by-name is a dreary business and has nothing to do with achievable results in your home. If you have a decent piano, the result I can provide will be as good if not better than if the same piano were on the concert platform.
  • Concert tuning is a precarious credential and is generally not the meat and potatoes of the piano trade. All piano tuners will eventually be involved with a concert. It's not the big deal some tradespeople like to make of it. I never gained a penny from name dropping.