Dogs rarely resent the sound of a piano being tuned and actually seem to enjoy it. It seems to put them to sleep. Some individuals compare the sound of a piano tuning as fingernails squeaking across a chalk board. Physical threats have ensued. Once I tell an individual I will detach my head and throw it at him, the situation generally defuses. I have been told by certain clients that not only do they enjoy the sound of individual strings being pulled into tune but they even find it restful to the point of being lulled to sleep! 

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Education and Experience

  • My real name is Mike MacKinnon.
  • Attended New England School of Piano Technology in Boston, MA, now known as the North Bennet Street School, class of 1981-82.
  • Attended Rhode Island School of Performing Music and Rhode Island Conservatory.  
  • Registered Piano Technician within the Piano Technicians Guild.
  • Published short story/human interest and tech writer.