• Damage appraisals for home insurance.
  • Damage appraisals for moving accidents.
  • Evaluations for insurance riders. Insurance providers
     don't know about pianos, they only think they do.
  • Forensic consultations when damage is caused by tradesmen who won't 'fess up.
  • Forensic evaluations when your piano sustains 'unlikely' damage.

Destruction and Removal

  • Did you build your family room around your old 600 lb upright?
  • Is your old piano incapable of sustaining a tuning and does it have so many structural problems that 'it's time to go'?
  • Are all the kids out of the house and even the crazy old hoarder down the street doesn't want the thing?

When in doubt, throw it out!


A grand piano destruction well on its way. Just like all good doggies and kitties

all good pianos go to Heaven!